Nonument / MACBA

10 SEP. 2014 – 08 FEB. 2015 Convent dels Àngels

Curated by Bartomeu Marí and architect Josep Bohigas, this project reflects on transfers between symbolic monument, public space from a series of works developed specifically for this exhibition. Various artists operating in the field of architecture social and urban criticare present their lines of work and their proposals for the future.

Curators: Josep Bohigas y Bartomeu Marí.Organisation and production: Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA).

Participaiting artists: Antoni Arola, Itziar Barrio, David Bestué, Curro Claret, Raimond Chaves and Gilda Mantilla, Marcel Dalmau, Domènec, Alicia Framis, Antonio Gagliano, Álex Giménez and Jorge Rodríguez Gerada, Terence Gower, Sílvia Gubern, Alicia Kopf, Marc Larré, Rogelio López Cuenca and Elo Vega, Antoni Llena, Muntadas, Mariona Moncunill and Sergi Botella, Daniela Ortiz, Víctor Pimstein, Sitesize (Joan Vila-Puig and Elvira Pujol) and Francesc Torres.