Souvenir Barcelona

27 postcards. Free printed material, unlimited copies. 10 X 15 cm.

Edition of a collection of postcards that offer some alternative “souvenirs” (memories) to the stereotype, optimistic and amiable imagery offered by both private and institutional tourist publicity. In a perfect symbiosis of interests, for more than a century an image of Barcelona full of clichés has been built up: the highbrow, modern, colourful, Mediterranean, welcoming city, etc. – in short, a theme park that hides a history of marginalisation and misery, class struggle, bloody popular revolts and ferocious repression.

A project produced for the exhibition “Ciutat de Vacances”.
A production of Arts Santa Mònica.

Thanks to: Xose Quiroga, Pau Faus, Daniela Ortiz, Ramón Parramón.