24 hours of artificial light

Barcelona, 1998

An production of Fundació “La Caixa” for the Sala Montcada, curated by Martí Peran

The installation called 24 hours of artificial light (1998) recreates a full scale model of a room in the hospital for patients suffering from tuberculosis in Paimio, Finland —made by Alvar Aalto at the beginning of the thirties, considered to be a perfect example due to its open relationship with the natural elements —; which was transformed into a large wooden model with no windows, where the beds and the sanitary units become monochrome sculptures with no links to their original use, useless objects, over lighted due to the blinding presence of artificial light. This piece has been set up in different places: The Montcada Hall in Barcelona, at the old chapel of Roser in Lleida (now an exhibition room), inside the hospital of Mataró or in Fabra i Coats.

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