Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam

The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) is a biennial festival of four days with films, debates and lectures.
The program clearly shows how closely film and architecture are linked and how they inspire each other.

Fri. 30 Oct. 2009, 15:45, Cinerama 2



Shorts Post Architecture

Short film program curated by Terence Gower, originally for the New Museum in New York, now for the first time in Holland.

10104 Angelo View Drive
2004, Dorit Margreiter, (7 min.)
Ciudad Moderna
2004, Terence Gower, (6 min.)
Easy Though / Rong Xiang
2008, Caspar Starcke, (9 min.)
2006, Ursula Mayer, (3 min.)
The Kiss / Le Baiser
1999, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, (12 min.)
New Ark
2001, Francois Boué, (10 min.)
The Sneeze
2008, Ulrik Heltoft, (1 min.)
Unité Mobile, Roads are also places
2005, Domènec, (10 min.)
Water and Dust
2004, Sadie Murdoch, (7 min.)
Gan Eden
2006, Niklas Goldbach, (10 min.)
Habitat (C3B)
2008, Niklas Goldbach, (7 min.)