Pentagon Mobile

Domènec and Floating Lab Collective

Washington DC, USA


The prototype Pentagon Mobile (unfinished project) is a mobile and modular device prepared to be used as a platform for political action and artistic intervention, a meeting place for discussion, community building and resistance practises.

Following an analysis of the symbolic weight of different monuments of power present in the context of Washington DC and of the more or less spontaneous forms of political occupancy tested by the Occupy DC movement, the Pentagon was selected as the paradigm of the menacing geometry of power and clear symbol of “democracy” kidnapped by opaque structures. We are deconstructing the Pentagon, converting it into a flexible instrument to test new forms of real democracy and use of public sphere.

Pentagon Mobile is a collective project under construction, developed as the result of the workshop directed by Domènec and Floating Lab Collective that took place in the Corcoran College of Art + Design (Washington DC) and the School of Art George Mason University (Virginia) in January 2013, as part as the exhibition “This Is Not a Museum: Portable and Lurking”.